DevOps Classroomnotes 25/Aug/2022


  • This is the practice that involves security earlier in SDLC.
  • To implement DevSecOps, Organizations consider variety of applications security tools (AST) to integrated with various stages of CI/CD Process. Commonly used AST tools include
  • SCA (Software Composition Analysis)
  • SAST (Static Application Security Testing)
  • DAST (Dynamic application security Testing)

Software Compostion Analysis (SCA)

  • SCA tools scan source code and binaries to identify known vulnerabilities in open source and third-party components.
  • They also provide insight into security and license risks.

Static application Security Testing (SAST)

  • These tools scan propietary code or custom code for coding errors and design flaws that could lead to exploitable weakness.

Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST)

  • DAST is automated opaque black box testing technology that mimics how a hacker could interact with your web application or API.
  • This tests application over a network connection & by examining the client side rendering of application.

DevSecOps Tools

  • Aqua Security:
    • Used with cloud-native applications i.e cloud native application protection platform (CNAPP).
    • This is very popular for kubernetes, serverless, container security etc
    • Refer Here for the offical web page for aqua security
  • Checkmarx:
    • This is very popular is application security testing (AST).
    • We can perform
      • SCA
      • SAST
      • Interactive Application Secirity testing
    • Refer Here for the official web page for CheckMarx
  • Micro Focus Cyber Res Fortify:
    • This is very popular in IDE scanning of the code and they offer different products around
      • SAST
      • DAST
      • SCA
    • Refer Here for the official web page for Fortity
  • Synopsys:
    • AST tools include SCA, interactive,DAST and SAST
    • Refer Here for the official web page
  • Veracode:
    • This is cloud solution provider for SAST
    • Refer Here for veracode
  • WhiteSource:
    • This offers SAST, dependecy scanning and risk exposure
    • Refer Here for official web page
    • This is from OWASP community which is opensource.
    • Automated active and passive scanning of web applications for vulnerabilities
    • This is DAST testing
    • Refer Here for the official pages for OWASP ZAP

Integrating Security To CI/CD Pipelines

  • Overview of Integration

Terms To Be Understood

  • OWASP TOP 10
  • SIEM
  • NVD
  • CVE

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