Azure Classroom Series – 25/Nov/2021

Azure Database for MySQL

  • Azure Database for MySQL is a relational database service offered by Azure
    • Zone redund and same zone high availability
    • Data protection using automatic backups and point in time restore fo up to 35 days
    • Automatic patching and maintenance for underlying hardware, os and database engine
    • Predicatable performance
    • Monitoring and automation to simplify management for large scale deployments
  • Azure Database for MySql is available in two deployment models
    • Flexible Server:
      • This architecture allows users to opt for high availability within single AZ and across multiple AZ
      • Flexible Servers provide better cost optimization controls with the ability to stop/start server.
      • Reservations for Flexibile server allows users to save cost upto 63%
      • Suited for:
        • Ease of deployments, simplified scaling & low database management overhead for functions like backups, HA, security and monitoring
        • Application developments requiring community version of MySQL
        • Enterprise Grade Security
    • Single Server:
      • This is fully managed MySQL designed for minimal customization.
      • The single server platform is designed to handle most of the database management functions such as patching, backups, minimal user configuration
      • The architecture is optimized for built-in HA with 99.99%
      • Suited for:
        • Existing applications already leveraging single server.
      • Recommends flexible server deployment
  • Create an Azure Database for MySQL Flexible Servers Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Like Offering for MySQL Azure Also offers single server and flexible server for PostgreSQL
  • With Azure Database for MySQL, Postgres ensure you select private access and add your vnet where your applications are running for private connectivity

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