Azure Classroom Series – 22/May/2020

Design Knowledge Required for Migration

  • In the Below image (story), John is an architect responsible for migration. He needs to be aware of Designing the Migration Preview
  • Microsoft provides proven guidance that is designed to help to create and implement strategies to succeed in cloud for enterprises(organizations) and this guidance is Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework Preview.
  • Now John has to Focus on Adopt => Migrate Phase in Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Microsoft suggests the following steps for migration on a high level
    • Assess Workloads
    • Deploy Workloads
    • Release Workloads Preview
  • For performing migration Azure Provides Azure Migration Guide. Refer Here

6R’s of Migration

  • Refer Here Preview
  • Rehosting:
  • RePlatforming:
  • Refactoring
  • Repurchasing
  • Retire
  • Retain

Azure Migration Guide

Migration Example Scenarios

  1. Windows Workloads
  2. Linux Workloads
  3. SQL Server Workloads
  4. Applications (

Migration Types

  • P2V (Physical to Virtual)
  • V2V (Virtual to Virtual)

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