Azure Classroomnotes 23/Dec/2021

Configuring Dashboards

  • The Charts created in the monitoring can be pinned to Dashboard.
  • This dashboard can be shared

Kusto Query Language (KQL)

  • KQL is a powerful tool to explore your data and discover patterns, identify anamolies and outliers, Create statistical modeling and mored.
  • Kusto Query: This is a read only request to process data and return results.
  • To use KQL We can use Logs section and Query
  • Other way is to install Azure Data Studio Refer Here
  • The Quick Reference Refer Here
  • SQL to KQL Cheatsheet Refer Here
  • Refer Here for log queries
  • Lets start by writing simple Conditions
VMProcess | where ExecutableName == "WaAppAgent" 

* Now lets try to understand a complex query

// Loading Data 
// Monitor data loading in the last hour. 
| where ResourceProvider == "MICROSOFT.SQL"
| where TimeGenerated >= ago(60min)
| where MetricName in ('log_write_percent')
| parse _ResourceId with * "/microsoft.sql/servers/" Resource// subtract Resource name for _ResourceId
| summarize Log_Maximum_last60mins = max(Maximum), Log_Minimum_last60mins = min(Minimum), Log_Average_last60mins = avg(Average) by Resource, MetricName
  • We can also render charts.

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