Azure Classroom Series – 11/Sept/2020

Configuring and Provisioning Azure SQL Databases

  • Azure SQL DB endpoint can be added to your vnet Preview

  • Azure SQL Managed Instance can be natively added to your vnet Preview

  • Lets provision and configure azure sql database & azure sql managed instance.

  • Create a resource group sqldemo

  • Create a vnet with two subnets (atleast)

    • app
    • db
  • Ensure private endpoint to db is created

  • Now Create a db

  • Configure Azure SQL Firewall Rule (In the firewall rule only open necessary ips)

  • Creating a Geo Replication of existing DB (Azure SQL DB) Preview

  • Sync Data from this Database to other DB Preview

  • Performance Blade Preview

  • Next Topic:

    • Using auto-failover groups
    • Using Powershell & CLI
    • Add existing dbs to elastic pools
    • Mysql/Postgres
    • Cosmos db
    • Redis
    • Synapse

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