AWS Classroom Series – 11/Sept/2020

Create a Read-replica AWS RDS

  • Databases will be used by different applications for performing CRUD operations. This might overwhelm your db.
  • So we go with DB Replications and redirect requests, There is a better alternative.
  • There are some applications (like BI) and some other apps which retrieve the data only and app servers & Web Servers will use more retrieve calls than modification (CUD)
  • The typical usage looks like this Preview
  • We can use read-replicas as shown below Preview
  • The Replication can be created in same/different region.
  • The Replicated Database will allow only read operations.
  • In any kind of needs (like primary db failed etc) we can convert read replica to accept update requests, this is called as promoting read-replica.
  • Creating Read-replica
    • Ensure you have some db

    • Create Read Replica from console.

      • Select the DB and Click on Actions => Read Replica.
      • Read Replica will not be enabled if backup retention period is 0. Preview
    • Create Read Replica from cli

    aws rds  create-db-instance-read-replica --db-instance-identifier  'qtmrsrrep' --source-db-instance-identifier 'qtmrs' 

Create One-Time RDS Backup

  • Console: Preview Preview
  • CLI
aws rds create-db-snapshot --db-snapshot-identifier 'qtmrsbkpcli' --db-instance-identifier 'qtmrs'
  • This snapshot can be copied to other region & from that snapshot creating an rds instance.

Restore from S3

  • AWS Supports restoring backup files of mysql from s3 buckets
  • Create a backup of mysql db Refer Here for cli based backup created
  • upload the backup to s3 bucket
  • Now use the Restore from S3 bucket option

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