Azure Classroom Series 25/Oct/2019

Public and Private IP Addresss

  • Private IP is dervice from your Address Space (CIDR Range)
  • Public Ip is assigned to the machine and there is no range or selection. Public IP is allocated from a pool of Azure Public Ip.


  • Network Interface of the VM which connects to subnet. IP addresss is given to NIC


  1. Create a Virtual Machine using Azure Portal in your multi tier network
  2. While creating the machine ensure Public IP is enabled
  3. Create one more VM using Azure Portal in the same network but different subnet and don’t enable public ip
  4. Try to communicate from your laptop/system to both the machines.
  5. Demonstrate Jump Box using the Machine in Public IP to connect to machine with no public IP from your system.

Azure VNET Routing

Azure VNET System Defined Routing

  • By default this is available.
  • This Routing
    • enables all internal communications with in Azure VNET
    • Allows Outbound/Inbound traffic to/from internet
  • Refer for Azure VNET System Defined Routes.

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