Windows Server Classroom Notes – 26/Oct/2019

Windows Servers

  • UseCases:

    • Active Directory
    • Exchange Servers
    • DNS Servers
    • SQL Servers
    • IIS Servers
    • Windows Docker Containers
  • Scripting:

    • Batch Scripting:
      • executed from Windows DOS (Command) prompt
    • PowerShell Scripting:
      • Executed from Powershell

Lab Setup

  • Windows 2016 Server Datacenter Edition: UI Edition of Server
  • Windows 2016 Server Nano Edition: CLI Edition of Server


  • Process:
    • Any Running application needs system resources, Windows creates the Process for running applications and allocates the system resources.
    • Every Process has unique Id (PID)
  • Windows Service:
    • Processes created by Windows, They run in the background
    • Launch run command and use services.msc
  • Event Logs:
    • Run command (Windows+r) and enter eventvwr
    • All the System Logs are stored here
    • Some Applications might use this as the primary logging mechanism.
  • Registry:
    • Key Value Database used by windows and custom applications
    • Run command and enter regedit
  • Environment Variables:
    • System Level Environment Variables
    • User Level Environment Variables
    • PATH: Folders where windows searches when you run any command
  • Server Manager:
    • Controller for installing Server Components
    • It is one place for Administration


  • Already Pre-Installed by Microsoft.
  • To know version of Powershell, Execute


  • Syntax: Verb-Noun
  • Examples:
  • Searching-Cmdlets:
Get-Command '*-Processs'
Get-Help 'Get-Processes' -Online

PowerShell DSC (Desired State Configuration)

  • DSC helps you maintain the state

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