DevOps Classroom Series – 05/May/2021

How Ansible Works

  • In ansible we specify our desired state (What we want) in YAML which is called as Playbook Preview

What’s so great about Ansible

  • Easy to Read Syntax
  • Nothing to install on Remote Hosts
  • Ansible Control Node can scale to manage hundreds of nodes and it is very simple
  • Built-in Stuff to do most of the automation

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Connecting to a remote machine using SSH
  • Public/Private keys for SSH
  • Interact with Linux bash shell
  • Install packages
  • Basics of working in Linux
    • sudo
    • file & folder permissions
    • set environmental variables
  • We use ansible to deploy applications on servers, we should know how to do the deployment and configuration manually.

Setting up local system and pre-requisite’s for DevOps

Lab Setup:

  • We would be using the following Lab setup Preview
  • We need 2 ubuntu 18 virtual machines & one centos 7 VM
  • For this lab I will be using AWS Cloud
  • Setting up Ansible Control Node
  • Refer Here for the ansible installation guide and Refer Here for ubuntu specific installation
  • Execute the following commands
sudo apt update
sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo apt-add-repository --yes --update ppa:ansible/ansible
sudo apt install ansible
ansible --version

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