AWS Classroom Series – 04/May/2021

Cloud Computing

  • This is about using other’s servers to run your digital workloads Preview
  • Cloud Services Provider (CSP):
    • Is an organization which owns physical infra and lets the consumers to create their workloads.
    • They offer services
      • Virtual Machines
      • Virtual Disks
      • Databases
      • Containers
      • Kubernetes
      • Machine Learning
      • Storage
    • Popular CSP’s
      • AWS
      • Azure
      • GCP
  • Cloud Services Consumer: Is an individual/organization which use CSP Services to create workloads (resources)
    • Consumer will create Resources using Services offered by CSP
  • CSP’s need to offer
    • Highly Available and Scalable Resources:
      • Availability is characteristic of application which specifies if the application is running or not
      • CSP’s offer SLAs
      • Since the workloads which we create are virtual, when we need more resources, we can easily scale
      • Scaling:
        • Vertical Scaling (Scaling up)
        • Horizontal Scaling (Scaling out)
      • Elasticity: Is Scaling out and scaling in (Manually or automatically)
    • Metered Payment Model

AWS Global Infrastructure

  • Regions and Zones Preview

Public Cloud vs Private Cloud

  • In Cloud we have physical infrastructure and virtual infrastructure Preview Preview


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