Azure Classroom Series – 04/May/2021

Basics of Cloud Computing

  • Lets consider the a simple website architecture Preview
  • Cloud Services Provider (CSP):
    • These are organizations who offer cloud based services
  • Cloud Services Consumer:
    • These are organizations/individuals who use cloud based services offered by CSP
  • How the infra is managed in the cloud Preview
  • High Availability:
    • Following are most common issues
      • A network outage
      • An application failure
      • A System outage
      • A power outage
    • CSP offer Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarentees a certain level of availability as a percentage.
  • Scalability, elasticity:
    • Scalbility and elasticiy allow you to increase the vm’s manually or automatically depending on usage pattern.
    • There are two variations of scaling
      • Vertical Scaling (Scaling up): Increase resources to the system (Workload)
      • Horizontal Scaling (Scaling out): Increase number of Systems (Workload)
    • Elasticity refers to automatically scaling out and scaling in
  • Fault Tolerance and disaster recovery:
  • Pay as you go: Every service in cloud is metered and you pay depending on your usage.

Azure Global Infrastructure

  • Azure has Regions Preview


  • Create an Azure free tier account Refer Here
  • Install necessary softwares on your system Refer Here

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