DevOps Classroom Series -04/May/2021

Ansible Introduction

  • Once the software package is ready (from build system), we need to create various test environments
  • Assumption: Servers where we need to deploy our application are up and running Preview
  • Consider the following simple architecture Preview
  • Consider the following servers Preview
  • To bring up our application,
    • We might need to install language frameworks
      • java
      • python
      • .net
    • We need to install server softwares
      • web server (apache/nginx)
      • app server (tomcat/websphere/jboss)
      • db server (mysql/postgres/SQL Server)
    • We need to deploy the software packages on necessary servers
    • We need to establish configuration for connectivity b/w servers
  • Challenges:
    • In DevOps world we might need to setup environments almost every day
  • We need to do the automation of application deployment and configuration and ensure it works on different environments
  • Since we do deployments almost everyday, we need to have automation giving us consistent results
  • To automate these we have scripting like shell/powershell scripting
  • Disadvantages of shell scripting:
    • Readability & maintenance:
    • It has certain assumptions:
  • We need some approach which helps in
    • writing readable scripts/configuration
    • Execution always gives us same results
  • Inference Preview Preview
  • Lets use plain english approach to understand this
Shell Script Configuration Management
use touch command to create a file 1.txt ensure file 1.txt is present
use apt to install apache server by executing apt install apache2 -y Ensure apache2 is installed
  • Configuration Management is a proces for maintaining computer systems, servers and softwares in a desired, consistent state.

  • This way ensures system performs as its expected to changes made over time

  • PULL and PUSH BASED CM Preview

  • In PUSH based CM Server needs to have information of list of nodes to communicate

  • IN PULL based CM Nodes need to have software agent installed.

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