AWS Classroom Series – 01/Mar/2021

Using Boto3

  • Boto3 is AWS SDK for python Preview
  • Now lets install and configure boto3
  • Create a new folder and in that folder create file called as requirements.txt
  • Refer Here for the changeset
  • Create an IAM User Refer Here
  • Install aws cli and configure iam user Refer Here
  • These iam credentials are used to connect to AWS account from the code
  • Its recommended to create virtual environments Refer Here
  • For writing sample code in boto3 Refer Here
  • A simple code to fetch all the s3 buckets and its creation date Refer Here for the changeset Preview
  • Now lets manually create an ec2 instance and fetch the details using boto3. Refer Here for the changeset Preview
  • Now lets write a boto3 code Which will get all the ec2 instances which have tag ENV=Dev and stops the ec2 instance Refer Here for the changeset
  • Now as a next step, we will write this code as lambda function where user describes the tags in lambda events and python boto3 code will stop the ec2 instancesa

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