Azure Classroom Series – 18/May/2021

Azure VM From PowerShell Continued.

  • Refer Here for the PowerShell script created in the class.

Creating Custom VM Images

  • In Azure We have two types of images
    • Generalized:
      • This image requires setup to be completed on first boot
      • For example on boot you can set the hostname, admin user and VM specific configurations
      • Azure agent will process the parameters and signal back to the Azure Platform that the initial configuration has completed. (Provisioning)
      • There are two Provisioners
        • Azure Linux Agent (Linux VMS)
        • cloud-init
    • Specialized: These are the images completely configured and do not require special parameters to pass during first boot. Provisioning agents are not required for these images.
  • Lets create a Linux VM and install Lamp Stack in that
sudo apt update
sudo apt install apache2 -y 
sudo apt install php libapache2-mod-php php-mysql php-cli -y
# Create a file at /var/www/html/info.php with below content
<?php phpinfo(); ?>
sudo apt install stress -y


  • Next Steps:
    • (CLI Approach)
    • We need to deprovision the VM
    • Create the VM Image for Linux
    • Create a new VM with the VM image
    • (Portal approach)
    • Create a VM Image for Windows Server

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