DevOps Classroom Series – 07/Jul/2020


  • Story of a company called as LearningThoughts. They have hired an engineer to monitor their datacenters (Don) Preview

  • Don had installed monitoring agent and he used to perform checks

    • Is server alive
    • Is application runnning on server
    • Free space, memory usage and other metrics
  • And Don also had configured alerts to support systems 24×7 Preview

  • Now Learning Thoughts started working in cloud and also the number of projects increased and also number of hosts were also increased Preview

  • Challenges

    • Amount of data asked by business was growing
    • Logs of the applications needed to collection for performing analytics so that Learning Thought can predict/suggest to their customers
  • Monitoring Systems have two customers

    • Business
    • IT Team
  • Monitoring Systems will have following stages

    • Manual, user-intitiate
    • Reactive
    • Proactive
  • Types of Monitoring

    • Infrastructure Monitoring
    • Application Monitoring
    • Application Performance Management
  • Tools to Perform Monitoring

    • Nagios
    • Elastic Stack (Application Monitoring, APM)
  • Along with these tools we would determine observability

Next Steps

  1. Ensure you have cloud account (AWs/azure free tier account) Refer Here for azure and here for aws
  2. Install softwares as mentioned over here

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