AWS Classroom Series – 22/Dec/2020

Creating and Managing S3 using AWS CLI

  • Install the aws cli
  • AWS CLI:
    • AWS CLI will be in the following pattern
    aws <service> <action> <arguments>
  • Now lets create a s3 bucket and upload contents to it

Creating S3 bucket and managing it from cli

  • Create s3 bucket from cli
    • Tip: Navigate to the google and search for aws s3 cli Preview Preview
    • S3 URI is writing bucket in the form of s3://<bucketname>
    • To Create a bucket Refer Here for mb Preview
    • Now lets copy some content from our local system in s3 bucket Preview
    • Lets upload an image to a new folder in s3 bucket Preview Preview Preview
    • When you are copying and syncing
      • source: s3 bucket or local folder
      • destination: s3 bucket or local folder
  • Exercise-1: Create a s3 bucket from cli and add three folders as mentioned below and upload two objects (files) into each folder
    • music
    • videos
    • docs
  • Exercise-2: Create an S3 bucket from cli and sync it with some contents from your laptop. Now create one linux ec2 instance and sync the contents from s3 bucket into server
  • Exercise-3: Delete all the buckets creates (rb)
  • Exercise-4: list all bucket (aws s3 ls) and list the contents of specific bucket (aws s3 ls <s3uri>) and list the contents of some folder (aws s3 ls <s3-uri>/folder )
  • Give public read access while uploading/sync Preview

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