AWS Classroom Series – 25/Apr/2020

RDS Introduction

  • Amazon RDS (Relational Database Services) is a Fully Managed Database Services to host
    • mysql/mariadb/aurora mysql
    • postgres/aurora postgres
    • Sql Server
    • Oracle

RDS Free tier Quick Start

  • Cost:

    • Cost helps in understanding options Preview Preview
    • Here we have reserved instances Preview
    • Options observed are: Preview Preview Preview
  • Creation:

    • One Free RDS Instance of mysql
    • What is free
      • Database Engines:
        • mysql
        • postgres
        • sql server express
      • How much time: 750 hours in a month
  • Steps for Creation Preview

    • Select RDS and then mysql and in templates select Free Tier Preview Preview


  1. Create db instance of all the possible free tier db engines
  2. Install mysql Workbench Refer here
  3. If you are aware of db and mysql command line Download my-sql shell

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