Azure Classroomnotes 26/Dec/2021

Infrastructure as a Code(IaC)

  • This refers to the process of defining environments using code and then using it to create Environments.
  • IaC mandates application definitions after it’s converted into code should follow the same application application lifecyle priniciples that are followed for application.
  • IaC should be versioned and stored in Version-Controlled repository
  • Three should be a process established to verify and validate the changes done.
  • Examples:
  • Terraform
  • ARM Templates
  • Cloudformation
  • Activity: Create a free linux vm
  • Now Navigate to Resource Group => Deployments

ARM Templates

  • ARM templates are one of the foundation pillars for succesfull deployment of solutions on Azure.
  • Authoring the right set of ARM Template that are modular, reusable and generic is major task in developing ARM Templates
  • The process of designing ARM Template is
  • identify the resources
  • Resource location
  • Identify the resource provider and its version
  • Identify the Parameters and variables
  • Identify the outputs fromthe template
  • Integrated with the deployments
  • ARM templates are JSON files
  • Refer Here for the JSON Tutorial
  • ARM Architecture
  • Diving into Resource Providers. Refer Here for the whole list of resource providers
  • To view the resource provider Refer Here
  • Sample resource types included in architecture

Developer Setup

  • Windows Users: Refer Here
  • Windows 10+ Users: Install Windows Terminal Refer Here
  • Mac:
  • Install Homebrew: Refer Here
  • Git: brew install git
  • Visual Studio Code: brew install --cask visual-studio-code Refer Here
  • Ensure Visual Studio code is installed.
  • Ensure Azure Resource Manager tools from Microsoft is installed

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