DevOps Classroomnotes 12/Nov/2022

Required Softwares to be installed

Containerization Continued

  • Build the package (jar/war/exe/dll) and docker image as part of docker image build
  • Build Java => maven and to run the applciation i dont need the build tool
  • Docker introduced multi staged build for this.
  • Image building process is divided into stages, the docker image will contain only the last stage.
  • Spring petclinic:
  • Stage 1
# java 10, maven 3
# get the code
git clone
cd spring-petclinic
mvn package
  • Stage 2: Here we need jdk 11 and jar file: Refer Here for official docs
  • Refer Here for the docker file with multistage build.


  • ARG instruction is used to pass some value for the purpose of image building
  • ENV instruction sets the environmental variable with value in the container.
  • Lets assume the developer wants to pass the tag/branch of the code to be build.
  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • ARG Demo Refer Here
  • ENV is used to set ENVIRONMENTAL variables in the container adn these variables can be changed when starting the container.
FROM alpine
ENV TEST='hello'
CMD ["set"]
  • If there is any flexibility required at runtime when starting the application inside container we use ENV instruction which sets environmental variable.
  • Best Example: Mysql container giving ENV variables to set usernames and password’s Refer Here
  • to pass env docker container run -e "TEST=hai" <image>

USER instruction

  • This is used to set the default user in the container when the container is started/created.
  • Before using this instruction user should be created
FROM openjdk:8-jdk

RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y git curl && rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/*

ARG user=jenkins
ARG group=jenkins
ARG uid=1000
ARG gid=1000
ARG http_port=8080
ARG agent_port=50000

ENV JENKINS_HOME /var/jenkins_home

# Jenkins is run with user `jenkins`, uid = 1000
# If you bind mount a volume from the host or a data container, 
# ensure you use the same uid
RUN groupadd -g ${gid} ${group} \
    && useradd -d "$JENKINS_HOME" -u ${uid} -g ${gid} -m -s /bin/bash ${user}

USER ${user}
CMD ["echo", "hello"]
  • Create a image and create a container with interactive terminal and check the user. The username for the above image should be jenkins


  • Lets create a simple docker image
FROM alpine
CMD ["echo", "hello"]
  • create a image and run the following command to create container
  • Now lets run the following command
  • IN the following commadn docker container run mytest:1.0 echo $PATH , echo $PATH replaces the CMD in image
  • Consider the following dockerfile
FROM alpine
CMD ["hello"]

* When we start the docker container the command that the container runs is ENTRYPOINT + CMD
* When we pass additional options, CMD will be overriden not ENTRYPOINT

Exercise – 1

  • Exercise: Create a docker image for simple flask application
  • Steps:
git clone
cd flask-hello-world
pip3 install flask
flask run -h ""

Exercise -2

  • Refer Here for the manual steps to install nop commerce

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