GCP Classroom Series – 26/Feb/2021

GCE VM Instance Life Cycle

  • The below image describes the instance life cylce Preview
  • Lets create a free tier vm instance Preview
  • Now lets stop the vm instance Preview
  • Refer Here to understand states of the GCP VM Instance
  • Start the vm and navigate to gcloud cli
gcloud compute instances describe 'instance-1' --zone 'us-central1-a'
  • Now lets stop the instance
gcloud compute instances stop 'instance-1' --zone='us-central1-a'
gcloud compute instances describe 'instance-1' --zone us-central1-a

Preview Preview

  • Now lets start the vm again and suspend and describe status
gcloud compute instances start 'instance-1' --zone='us-central1-a'
gcloud beta compute instances suspend 'instance-1' --zone='us-central1-a'
gcloud compute instances describe 'instance-1' --zone us-central1-a

Preview Preview

GCE Machine Types

  • Machine type is set of virtualized hardware resources available to vm instance
  • Each Machine type family includes different machines types.
  • VM Istance Machine family types are
    • General Purpose Machine types
      • This offers balanced price-performance ratio
      • E2
      • N2
      • N2D
      • N1
    • Memory Optimized Machine types
    • Compute Optimized Machine types
    • Accelarator optimized machine types
    • Shared-core machine types.
  • Refer Here for recommendations on machine types
  • If you want to know about underlying CPU platforms which GCP uses Refer Here

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