AWS Classroom Series – 25/Feb/2021

Microservices – do onething and do it well

  • Microservices focus more on decoupling an application, and the communication mechanism is lightweight and typically http.
  • Large complex applications can be broken down into components with bounded context to build a generic service. Preview
  • Application like ecommerce can be broken down into multiple microservices such as
    • User signup
    • Inventory
    • Order Management
    • Order Tracking Management
    • Invoice Generator
  • Docker containers and Orchestration tools like k8s are very popular over here.

Nano Services

  • Nano services helps in breaking down microservcies into operations. Preview
  • This is where the serverless technologies like AWS Lambda/Azure functions can be very handy.

Prereq’s for AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda Basics

  • Function:
    • this is piece of your own code that executes every time it is triggered by an event.
    • This function can be written in different programming languages. Refer Here for the specific versions of the runtimes
      • Node js
      • Python
      • Ruby
      • Java
      • Go
      • C#
      • Powershell

Anatomy of Lambda function

  • Handler function: This is entry point for all Lambda functions. Whenever the function executes, the service calls the handler function and passes in some event data and useful objects
  • Node Js
exports.handler = function(event, context, callback) {
    callback(null, 'executed succesfully')
  • Python
def handler(event, context):
    return "executed successfully"
  • C#:
public string Handler(string input, ILambdaContext context) {
    return "executed successfully";
  • Java:
public String handler(InputStream inputStream, OutputStream outputStream, Context context) {
    return "executed Successfully";
  • Context object in python has the following structure Refer Here

Lets install Boto3


Next Steps:

  • We will write aws lambda function to shutdown all the ec2 instances

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