DevOps Classroomnotes 23/May/2023

Story of ToyCraft

  • ToyCraft is an enterprise which is global and famous for its cheap toys
  • This application is accessed globally.
  • The architecture of the application is as follows
  • Every 15 days toycraft gives a new release and it has to update in all the servers.
  • Toycraft has minimum one deployment per country.
  • Toycraft is available in 15 countries.
  • To do this i have 3 possible options
  • Declarative vs Procedural
  • Configuration Management is all about declarative deployment of applications which ensures

    • idempotence: Run this once or n times you will have same result
    • Desired state: We express configuration to acheive a desired state.
    • reusable


  • Self – Study:

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