AWS Classroomnotes 23/May/2023

Story of OrganicIndiaCorp

  • This organization runs an ecommerce application for selling organic fmcg
  • This organization has datacenter in hyderabad


  • From the 1 – 5 of every month orders increase. Right now OrganicIndiaCorp has 16 vms where they are running backend services. Inspite of this from 1-5 customers are facing latency issues and slow responses
  • Right now this organization is running only in one data center which is a single point of failure, so they have one more datacenter with same number of servers in noida.
  • So, architect of OrganicIndiaCorp has suggested to move to AWS

How can AWS Solve these problems

  • Lets understand basic merits of cloud (AWS)
    • Global presence
    • Elasticity: Automatically increasing and decreasing the resources based on some dynamic metrics
    • Disaster Recovery is easier to setup
    • Pay as you go.
  • Service Models: IaaS vs PaaS vs SaaS

How to Move to AWS

  • Migration: i.e. move the applications/data on your physical servers into AWS
  • Migration based on workloads is classified into 3 types
    • Server Migration
    • Database Migration
    • Storage Migration

Self-learning (3 – days)

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