Azure Classroomnotes 24/May/2023

HandiKraft Corp – Moving towards Solution


  • How to ensure whatever is running on-premises will run on cloud as well
  • Optimize or improve application to use cloud native features
  • Going Global.


Architecture of Handikraft ecommerce

  • Architecture
  • Components:
    • Database
    • Storage/File/Blob servers
    • Application Server
    • Web Server/Reverse Proxy
  • Order of Migration (Least Dependent to most dependent):
    • In this architecture, the order could be
      • Storage/DB Server (Least Dependent)
      • Application Server
      • Web Server (Most Dependent)

Migration Strategies

  • 6R’s of Migration
    • Retain: We have decided to run application in on-prem itself
    • Retire: Stop active development and move to new product line
    • Repurchase: Try to purchase a new Saas based application which exactly does what your current application is doing.
    • Re-host: Run it on the cloud exactly like on-prem (lift and shift)
    • Re-platform: Make small decisions about running the applications of different deployment model (Paas) (lift, tinker and shift)
    • Refactor/Re-architect: Rewrite the application to make it cloud native and modern architecture compliant.

Rough Workflow

  • Migrate each layer into some virtual machine on the azure cloud.


  • Green field and Brown field
  • Hypervisor
  • P2V and V2V


  • Hypervisor is of two types find out the differences

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