DevOps Classroomnotes 24/May/2023

Configuration Management (CM)

  • There are two types of CM
    • Pull based CM
    • Push Based CM
  • Direction of Communication
    • PULL => Node to CM server
    • Push => CM Server to Node
  • What is required in PULL Based CM?
    • Agent needs to be installed with necessary credentials to connect to CM Server
  • What is required in Push Based CM
    • List of nodes (inventory)
    • Credentials to login into node
  • Popular tools
    • Pull:
      • Chef
      • Puppet
    • Push:
      • Ansible
      • SaltStack


Architecture and workflow

  • Basic workflow
  • Ansible control node can execute desired state on nodes using
    • adhoc commands
    • playbooks
  • Playbooks are YAML files.


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