DevOps Classroomnotes 18/Oct/2022

Solution to Exercise

  • One approach is to write six subnet resources
  • Better way could be if we can use some kind of looping
  • If there is a way to write loops it would simplify the resource creation.
  • We can create multiple resources by using count meta-data Refer Here
resource "resource-type" "name-of-resource" {
    count = <number-of-resources>
    arg1 = val1
    argn = valn
  • Example
resource "aws_vpc" "my_vpc" {
    count = 0
    cidr_block = ""

  • We can also control the creation of resources based on conditional expressions Refer Here
  • We should also understand deployment strategies
    • red-green/blue-green
    • canary deployment

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