AWS Classroomnotes 18/Oct/2022

Deploying an Application

  • To deploy an application (WordPress) we might need to create and configure

    • Networking components
    • Storage components
    • Database Components
    • Compute Components
  • Now lets assume you are company which sells wordpress and you need to deploy wordpress in your customers aws accounts
  • This requires some kind of automation to save time.
  • Lets understand different ways of creating resources in AWS.
    • Console:
      • Creating resources by browser based application called as AWS Console
      • When to use: When you are creating resources where repetition is not expected.
    • CLI:
      • Creating resources by building Commands
      • When to use: To create the resources multiple times
      • CLI is good for repetition but if the configuration or options to the user are to be provided the scripting skills come to play.
    • SDK
      • Creating resources by writing code
      • When to use: To create the resources from some application (dropbox)
    • Template:
      • Watch the classroom recording to understand the steps followed
      • To create a reusable deployment of infra or infra-provisioning with configurable input parameters

To Create cloudformation template what do we need

  • We need to know the manual steps and possible inputs to be used
  • To create a template we can use
    • json
    • yaml
  • Refer Here for video tutorial on json and yaml
  • To write the template we will be using visual studio code

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