Azure Classroom Series – 29/Nov/2020

Azure VM Images

  • While creating azure vm, we are able to provide credentials, so azure virtual machine image should not have credentials. This kind of azure vm images are called as generalized vm images
  • To Create vm image
    • Create a vm
    • install your applications
    • Remove the user info (generalize)
    • Since the user info is removed, this vm becomes unusable.
    • Create a vm image and then delete the vm
  • Lets create a Windows VM and install IIS Server that & then create a vm image
  • Exercise: Create a managed vm image for linux
    • Create an ubuntu 18.04 and login in to the vm and execute the following commands
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install tomcat8 -y

Azure Shared Image Gallery

  • This is a service that helps build structure & organization around your images. Shared image galleries provide
    • Global replication of images
    • Versioning and grouping of images
    • Highly available images with ZRS
    • Premium Store Support
    • Sharing across subscriptions & even b/w AD tenants

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