DevOps Classroom Series – 28/Nov/2020

Docker Compose

  • Scenario:
    • Consider your application has the following services
      • frontend
      • backend
      • payment processing
      • order processing Preview
    • When these individual microservices run together they form your application
    • For each service we would have one Dockerfile
    • When you want to run all the containers with one simple interface, this is where docker compose comes into play
    • Using Docker Compose we run multiple docker containers with simple commands.
    • Approach:
      • Create a yaml file where you describe all the services that are supposed to run together
      • Then use simple commands such as docker-compose up
  • Installing docker-compose on Linux Refer Here Preview Preview
  • Refer Here here for docker compose cheatsheet
  • To Create a docker-compose we need to create docker-compose.yaml file. Refer Here for the docker-compose reference
  • Refer Here for the docker-compose with volumes


  • Openshift is a platform built for running containers. This is maintained by Redhat

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