DevOps Classroomnotes 11/Dec/2022

Persistent Volume

  • Refer Here for official documentation.
  • Pod places a persistent volume claim.
  • Persistent Volume can be dynamically or manually provisioned. For this they use storage classes.
  • Created the pod with PVC in Azure Refer Here for the changes
  • Create the Pod with PVC in AWS Refer Here

Manual EKS Cluster Setup

git clone
cd learn-terraform-provision-eks-cluster
terraform init
terraform apply -auto-approve
aws eks --region $(terraform output -raw region) update-kubeconfig \
    --name $(terraform output -raw cluster_name)
  • Check if the cluster is connected or not

Stateful Sets

  • Overview
  • Refer Here for the official documentation

Config Maps


  • Secrets are also similar to config maps but holding sensitive information, k8s tries to do base 64 encoding and base 64 decoding.
  • Refer Here for the changes

* Try to configure aws eks cluster to pull the image from ecr
* Try to configure azure aks cluster to pull the images from acr
* Try to configure any k8s to pull images from your docker hub private registry

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