DevOps Classroom Series – 17\Mar\2021

More about isolated areas

  • Roughly isolated area is analogus to vm but major difference is VMs have a full blow os where as isolated areas (containers) dont have a full blow os.
  • Since they dont have full blown os,
    • CPU and other resources are allocated to application rather than os
    • This reduces the overhead of OS Patching
    • Savings on cost as containers on license costs Preview
  • Every container (isolate area) gets
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • Storage
    • Network (ip address)
  • We will be using docker to create these isolated areas called as containers.
  • Docker is british expression for Dock Worker who is responsible for loading and unloading container in the ship yard Preview

Intro to Linux Containers

  • Modern container started in the Linux world and are product of immense contributions for over a period of time from organizations such as Google LLC
  • Some of the major technologies in Linux which contributed to massive growth of containers are
    • kernel namespaces
    • control groups
    • union filesystems
    • Docker

Windows Containers

  • Microsoft corp has worked along with Docker to bring container technologies to Windows Platform
  • Windows Container can be created on
    • Window 10 (Non Home editions)
    • Windows Server 2016 and Later
  • Microsoft had changed the core Window Kernel to implement Containers.

Docker Technology

  • When we install docker, we have the following components installed into our machine
    • docker client
    • docker daemon (engine)
  • Login into docker play ground create an instance and execute docker version Preview Preview
  • Lets try to create one container
    • from docker client we need to specify we need a container
    • lets use a simple image called as hello-world
  • To run a docker container we need a docker image. Docker has hub which hosts lots of images Preview Preview
  • Now lets summarize the steps Preview
  • Now lets try to create one more container with hello-world Preview Preview
  • So to create container we need images. In reality in container we would want to run our applications developed
  • So we need to create images with our applications in it to create containers
  • So the first task for us is to understand how to create images so that we can run our applications
  • Terminology:
    • In case of Docker we will be packaging our applications as Docker images.

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