AWS Classroom Series – 16/Mar/2021

Understanding AWS Account

  • Create an AWS free tier account Refer Here
  • The free tier account: AWS offers some lightweight services for free for the first 12 months and some services for free for the life time with some limits
  • To understand what is free for 12 months and always free play around with the following link Refer Here
  • Tracking your free tier usage Refer Here
  • Once the account is created login into account on the website which is called as aws console Refer Here
  • Navigate to the billing dashboard Preview Preview
  • Whenever you work on an application deployment or creating some resources on aws try creating an estimate in the calculator Refer Here
  • Any queries w.r.t to billing/unnecessary charges can be raised using AWS Support Refer Here
  • Amazon has Paid Support Plans
    • Developer
    • Business
    • Enterprise
  • Paid Support Plans Comparision Refer Here

AWS Global Infrastructure: Regions and Zones

  • Refer Here for the official docs Preview
  • Each Region in AWS will have multiple Availability Zones Preview
  • The number of AZ’s might differ from region to region Refer Here
  • Pricing of a service might vary from region to region
  • There will some difference in the services that are supported in the region.
  • Whereas AZ’s in the Region will be the same.
  • Most of the services like databases, virtual machines , networks, storage etc are regional services
  • AWS also has global services
    • Identity and Access
    • Billing

AWS Global Infrastructure: Edge Locations

  • An edge location is a site where AWS deploys physical server infrastructure to provide low latency user access to AWS data
  • An edge location can help in building Content Delivery Networks
  • AWS has a global network and this network connects every region and edge location Preview
  • This global network is dedicated for AWS usage
  • We can establish dedicated connections from our organizations (On-premise) to AWS edge location which transfers the data privately over dedicated network which is referred as Direct Connect

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