Azure Classroomnotes 05/Jan/2022

Cloud Adoption Framework

  • Cloud Adoption Framework is the set of designed guidelines for enterprises to Adopt to Microsoft Azure.
  • Refer Here for the official documentation
  • Cloud Adoption Framwork defines set of processes & Materials required for the cloud Adoption Journey.
  • Possible Application Adoption options

How deos Azure Work?

  • Refer Here for exploring the server room in Azure Datacenter
  • End users interact with Azure using
  • Azure Portal (
  • Azure CLI/Powershell
  • Azure SDK
  • In Azure Datacenters we have racks of servers which are designated to create virtual infrastructure. Some of these servers run a cloud management system known as fabric controller.
  • Fabric controller is a distributed application, which is responsible for
  • allocating services/resources
  • monitoring health of the server
  • Each fabric controller is connected to another set of server using an orchestration software called as Orchestrator

Azure Accounts

  • Free Account
  • Enterprise Accounts

Azure Landing Zone

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