AWS Classroomnotes 04/Jan/2022

Scenario: Migration

  • Lets assume that organization LT Corp Wants to start using AWS.
  • They have existing infrastructure which they use to run the applications
  • The basic idea of LT Corp is to move all of the applications to the AWS.

Execution Plan From 10,000 Feet

  • In AWS, we have a Service called as
  • Server Migration Service (SMS) using which we migrate Virtual Machines from on-premises to AWS EC2 instances
  • Database Migration Service (DMS) using which we can migrate Databses into AWS RDS instances
  • AWS SMS:
  • AWS can migrate Virtual Machines from
    • VMWare vSphere
    • Microsoft Hyper-V/SCVMM
    • Microsoft Azure
  • For doing this migration there are requirements & supported OS
  • AWS DMS:
  • AWS Supports the following Databases to migrate
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft SQL Server
    • Postgres
    • MySQL
    • MongoDB
  • Todo’s for unsupported Databases
  • Migrate the Virtual Machine and try to run your database as an ec2 instance
  • Todo’s for unsupported OS:
  • Generally older versions of linux OS are unsupported, so upgrade the existing virtual machines to the supported OS Version
  • When we do the migration, we have 3 major activities as admins
  • Pre-Migration Tasks
  • Migration
  • Post-Migration Tasks

6 Strategies for Migrating Applications to the Cloud (6 R’s)

  • The Strategies are
  • Rehosting (Lift and Shift):
    • We would like to move the application to cloud and would expect it to run on same/similar configuration like on-premises.
    • We don’t want to have any changes in our application.
    • This can be done manually or in automated way using SMS
    • This is pure admin/Sys-ops job
  • Replatforming (Lift-tinker-and-shift)
    • In order to acheive some tangible benifits, your existing application might be required to change a little bit (not changing the architecture)
    • Application is using WebLogic Service (Expensive Licensing), In AWS we can run tomcat an open source equivalent
    • In the above scenario, we have made a minor change and it saves us lot of cost
  • Repurchasing
    • Rather than migrating this application, if we can purchase some existing system (Workday, Salesforce etc)
  • Refactoring/Re-architecting:
    • Rearchitecting your application probably moving from monolith => Microservices etc
  • Retire: Get rid of this application
  • Retain: Revisi this migration later and do nothing for now
  • Strategies Overview

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