AWS Classroom Series – 08/May/2020

Lab Setup

  • Architecture: Preview

  • Explanation:

    • A Simple 3 tier architecture which is popular in many web based applications
    • Here a Management subnet is added for closer control
  • Steps:

    1. Create a VPC in us-west-2 (oregon)
    2. Create four subnets in vpc (oregon)
    3. Create an Ec2 instace (Ubuntu/Centos/Redhat) in the websubnet
    4. Create an Ec2 instace (Ubuntu/Centos/Redhat) in the appsubnet
    5. Create a dbsubnet group with two subnets for database and create rds into it
    6. create an Ec2 instance (Windows Server) for management
    7. Add dynamo db to the setup
  • What will be created today?

    • VPC with subnets
    • RDS
    • EC2 machine in websubnet

Understanding Status Checks for Ec2 Instances


  • Status Checks: They quickly determine whether EC2 machine has any problems
  • Types of Status Checks:
    • System Status Checks:
      • Monitors the AWS System on which our instance runs
      • In most of the cases restarting the EC2 instance will resolve this issue as the ec2 instance is created on different AWS System
      • Reason for failures
        • Loss of network (AWS Physical Server)
        • Loss of Power (AWS Physical Server)
        • Hardware issues
    • Instance Status Checks
      • Monitor the software and network configuration of EC2 instance.
      • Reason for this failure
        • Corrupted file system
        • Incompatible Kernel
        • Incorrect network configuration
        • Memory Exhausted
  • Status can be viewed in Command Line aws ec2 describe-instance-status --instance-ids <instance id>
  • For reporting the status feed back Preview
  • Todo: Still need to know how to create and edit status check Alarms, we will look into it after understanding AWS Cloudwatch.
  • Look into monitoring section which we will start our class with Preview

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