Azure Classroom Series – 08/May/2020

Understanding Activities of Azure Operations


  • Consider QT as an Organization Providing IT Services for Health Care, ECommerce and FinTech.
  • We Have two Cloud Adminstrator Roles
    • Organization Level => Jacob
    • Business Unit Level => Jane
  • Tasks are assigned to the cloud Admins via Ticketing Tools like Service Now/Remedy or in Some Agile Projects Jane (BU Level Admin) will be Part of project for few sprints (few weeks)
  • Now Lets Look at Expectations of Organization Level Cloud Engineer
    • Maintain Authentication in the Cloud (if required ensure the Users are Synced with Active Directory)
    • Ensure all the necessary roles (RBAC) are created at the organization level to cater to BU/Project Needs
    • Design and Implement Backup and Recovery Standard for the whole organization
    • Setup Basic Monitoring and Alerting System
    • Help Project Teams with System and Database Migrations
    • Monitor Costs at the Org Level
    • For Hybrid Cloud Setups, Ensure VPNs are available
  • BU Level Cloud Engineer will have following expectations
    • Monitor the deployment of the Project by using effecient Monitoring and Logging System
    • Ensure the Deployments are automated
    • Create Reusable Automation Scripts/Templates for effecient Deployments
    • Troubleshoot failures
    • Gain Access from Organization Level Admin to the deployments and optimize it
    • Implement Cost Optimization Solutions
    • Ensure BCDR (Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery) is Setup

To acheive the above Activities we would Learn the following Services offered By Azure

  • Azure Monitoring Platform
    • Monitor
    • Logging
    • Alerting
    • Analytics
    • Network Trouble Shooting
  • Azure Site Recovery
    • BCDR
  • Azure Backup
    • VMs
    • Databases

Lab Setup

  • Will Include
    • A Virtual Network
    • A Storage Account
    • Virtual Machines
      • Windows
      • Linux
    • Databases
      • SQL Server
      • Cache Server
      • Cosmos DB Preview

Virtual Network Setup of the above Lab

  • Create a Resource Group operations
  • Create a Virtual Network commercenet with ip range (address space) =>
  • Create three subnets in commercenet
    • web =>
    • app =>
    • db =>

Next Class Topics

  • Add vm’s databases and start Operational activities

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