DevOps Classroom Series – 08/May/2020

Jenkins Terms/Concepts

  • Project: Configuration of the activities user wants to perform as part of CI/CD
  • Job: Jenkins Projects were also referred as jobs earlier
  • Build: Jenkins Project/Job when executed
  • Workspace: Directory in which Jenkins Jobs/Project is executed
  • Jenkins Home Directory: Home directory in which every configuration of Jenkins Servers are placed.
  • Jenkins User: Linux user which Jenkins execute the jobs as

Useful Images

Preview Preview Preview

FreeStyle Project Creation

  • Basic Creation Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Observing Jenkins Home Directory: Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Execute Project Preview Preview Preview
    • Whenever a Jenkins Project is executed it is called as Build and it will have build number. The activities configured in Jenkins Job/Project will be executed as Jenkins user
    • Jenkins Project/Job when executed creates a directory (if not present ) which is called as workspace

How Jenkins executes?

  • When the Jenkins Job is executed

    • For Jenkins Job a Build is Created and Executed with unique number on Build Executor
    • The activities in the Jenkins Job configured are executed as a Jenkins User
  • Jenkins Jobs failing as

    • command not found: Means the software is not installed on the machine where jenkins jobs are executing
    • Permissions Issue: Ensure you provide Jenkins User Necessary Permissions to execute Jobs
  • Setting up no password option for jenkins user

    • Become Root User
    • Execute visudo and add the following line “`jenkins ALL=(ALL:ALL) NOPASSWD:ALL“
    • Restart Jenkins

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