AWS Classroom Series – 31/Oct/2019

VPC Peering

  • Create a VPC with cidr range and tag it with name vpcA
  • Create two subnets in this vpcA.
  • Create an Internet gateway and attach it to vpcA
  • Now create a VPC with CIDR range and tag it with name vpcB
  • Create two subnets
  • Create one ec2 machine in VPC A with public ip
  • Create one ec2 machine in VPC B with only private ip
  • Login into ec2 machine of vpc A and try to connect to ec2 machine of VPC B
  • It should fail.
  • Create a Peering Request from Vpc A to Vpc B.
  • Approve the request in VPC B
  • Now got the route table of VPC A and define a route
dest iprange
destination peering object
  • Repeat the same thing from VPC B to Vpc A


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