AWS Classroom Series – 18/Apr/2021

Permission Boundaries

  • AWS supports permission boundaries where we can specify maximum permissions to an idenity based policy
  • While creating the user set the permission boundary Preview
  • Effective permissions are intersection of identity based policies and permission boundary

Rotating AWS Credentials

  • To rotate AWS IAM Credentials we need to follow the steps
    • Create a second access key in addition to the one which are in use
    • Update all your applications to use the new access key and validate that the applications are working
    • Change the state of previous access key to inactive
    • Validate all your applications are working correctly or not
    • Delete the inactive access key
  • steps Preview Preview
  • Now distribute these credentials to your applications
  • make the status of previous access key inactive Preview Preview
  • We can write scripts around
  • For python Refer Here
  • For shell scripting Refer Here

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