Azure Classroomnotes 18/Dec/2022

Azure Cosmos Db

  • Refer Here for Request units
  • Refer Here for conversion from vcore to request units.
  • Autoscaling vs manual provisioning Refer Here
  • Create a cosmos db and navigate to the data explorer
  • mongo db

Traditional vs Serverless

  • In traditional approaches we create/use server/vm/container to run our workload and we add code/data to it. The server needs to be up all the time. In cloud models we pay hourly charges
  • Serverless is a technology in which we just focus on code/data and which when a request is made the server is automatically provisioned by cloud service providers which runs your code/data and you will be charged per seconds/milliseconds based on time taken to process requests.
  • The code which we run in these serverless technologies is called as functions (AWS => Lambda, Azure => Azure functions, Gcp => Google functions )
  • Then this technology was adopted for data related applications as well
    • These required to persist data.
  • Problems with Serverless
    • No Standards yet
    • Not portable

Next Databases

  1. Cache Databases
  2. Azure Synapse
  3. Azure Data Factory
  4. Azure Databricks

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