AWS Classroomnotes 18/Dec/2022

AWS Dynamodb Contd..

  • Write/Read capacity modes Refer Here
  • Read Request unit: capacity to read 1KiB/Second
  • Write Request unit: Cacpacity to write 1 KiB/Second
  • DAX Refer Here
  • Create a Dynamo Db Table
  • Replications can be set across regions
  • Consistency Models
    • Strong: All the replicated instances will have same data
    • Eventual: There is a delay for the replicated instances to get the newly edited or created data.
  • Backup:
    • Ondemand: One time backup
    • Scheduled: Periodic backup

AWS Managed Databases for Popular NoSQL Databases

  • AWS has provided
    • Mongodb as a service ==> Document Database
    • Cassandra as a Service ==> Key Spaces.

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