AWS Classroomnotes 17/Dec/2022

AWS Dynamo DB

  • Refer Here for the Dynamo DB Usage guide.
  • This is fully managed NoSQL Database from AWS.
  • There are following types of NoSQL Databases
    • Document Databases
    • Key Value Database
    • Graph Databases
  • Generally NoSQL Databases are designed to scale.
  • Dynamo DB has a table and table will have items (documents/records)
  • Creating a Dynamo Db Table
  • Refer Here for dynamo db sdks and Refer Here for some sample code.
  • Activities for Operations:

    • Make Table Global
    • Setting Backups
    • Performing Restores
    • Import and Export from/to S3
    • Cost & Performance Optimizations.
  • Activity: Try to Create two estimates for Dynamo db table with

    • 100 GB Storage
    • 5 GB Storage
  • From the observations, AWS Dynamo db on-demand cost contributes of
    • storage
    • Read/Write Counts per million
  • What is Write Units and Read Units.
  • NoSQL Databases have two ways
    • Where we specify instance sizes ( vCPU, RAM)
    • Where we don’t specify instance classes and specify some write/read units

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