AWS Classroom Series – 11/Apr/2020

Burstable Instances

  • Refer Here
  • Sample Notation of bike to keep burstable simple Preview


  • Now AWS CLI has two versions
    • AWS CLI v1
    • AWS CLI v2
  • Commands have not changed, but AWS CLI v1 depends on python 2.x, whereas AWS CLI v2 depends on python 3.x
  • Today lets not install aws install cli but still use it, so create an amazon linux 2 instance
  • Login into aws ec2 instance and execute aws --version Preview


  • Commandline way of using AWS helps in automating the work
  • Syntax of aws command line is as shown below
aws <service> <command> <parameters> 
  • Example of aws command lins
aws s3 ls
aws s3 mb s3://testingforqt
  • Finding commands is easier than remembering, so lets try that.
    • AWS Command to stop ec2
      • Google aws ec2 cli Preview
      • Now find stop Preview
      • Synopsis Preview

Exercise to come up with an aws cli for

  1. Creating an aws ec2 instance with t2.large
  2. stopping an aws ec2 instance with instance id i-05821f342e16cf25d
  3. Terminate all the ec2 instances which are of size t2.micro

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