Azure Classroom Series – 11/Apr/2020

Azure VM Size

  • Azure VM Size Specifies
    • CPU
    • RAM
    • Max number of additional disks (data disks)
    • Temporary Disk Size Preview
  • Look at the relation as shown below Preview
  • Can i Resize Azure VM?
    • Yes, but resize will deallocate the vm and allocate with new configuration, so there will be a downtime Preview
    • This option is also called as vertical scaling

B-Series Burstable virtual Machines

Azure CLI

  • Azure CLI is a command line way of operating azure.
  • Azure CLI had a first version which was based out of nodejs
  • Now Azure CLI has stopped supporting first version and they create azure cli version 2 which is developed in python.
  • AZURE CLI 2 is very simple to understand and work
  • Azure CLI will have interesting syntax
az <service> [<sub service> ...] <action>  [<parameters>]
  • Some Examples
az group list
az group create --name test --location 'Central US'
az group delete --name test
  • General actions will be create, delete, list, show etc
  • Services are group, vm, sql, etc….
  • Easiest place to find it out is Refer Here
    • Navigate to reference and scroll till you find the service you are looking out for Preview
  • Lets Try to find out a CLI Section for Resource Groups Preview
    • Scroll the page down to findout parameter descriptions Preview
  • Lets navigate to azure portal and launch cloud shell and follow the steps as shown below Preview


  • Select bash from the option Preview
  • Now execute a cli command to return all the resource groups Preview Preview

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