AWS Classroom Series – 25/May/2021

AWS Storage Services

  • Lets try to understand different storage services offered by AWS
  • For the link of AWS Console Refer Here
  • Storage Services in AWS Preview
  • The core storage services offered by AWS are
    • Simple Storage Service (S3):
      • Amazon’s flagship cloud storage service that lets us store and retrieve unlimited amounts of data.
      • In S3 we can store files (binary large objects/blobs)
      • There is no limit to number of files which you can store
      • The file i.e. store on S3 can be accessed over https
      • Individual file size cannot exceed 5 TB
      • Popular S3 use cases:
        • Media content like images, gifs and videos of your website
        • OTT platform video/music files
        • Storing logs of the applications
    • S3 Glacier:
      • Offers long-term archiving of infrequently accessed data, such as backup that must be retained for many years
    • Elastic File System (EFS):
      • Offers a simple serverless storage to share file data across AWS Cloud services and On-premises
      • EFS works with Linux Based OS
    • FSx:
      • Offers network file systems that are fully managed by AWS for Windows systems
    • Storage Gateway:
      • A virtual appliance that seamlessly moves the data back and forth between on-premises server and AWS S3.
    • AWS Backup:
      • This offers us t centralize and automate data protection across AWS services.
    • AWS Snowball:
      • A hardware storage appliance designed to physically move massive amounts of data to or from s3.
    • AWS EBS:
      • Elastic Block Storage is used as virtual disk for the AWS virtual machines (EC2)


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