DevOps Classroom Series – 26/May/2021

Chef Infra Overview

  • The following image shows the relationship b/w various components of Chef infra, included the nodes, the server and the workstation Preview

Chef Infra Server

  • This can be installed on Linux machines (Virtual/Physical)
  • The software that needs to be installed on the Linux Machine is Chef Server software Refer Here
  • The chef infra server i.e. installed on Linux Machines is free for usage till 10 Nodes
  • Chef also offers a hosted chef server (chef pre-installed) which is free for usage till 5 nodes
  • Chef Server can store
    • cookbooks
    • run_list: This is list of recipes to be applied on each node. Chef Server maintains one run_list per node
    • secrets
    • policy

Chef Workstation

  • In Chef Architecture, we can have multiple workstation
  • In Chef, we develop cookbooks
  • Cookbook is collection of recipes
  • Each recipe will have resources that needs to be arranged in some order.
  • Using Chef Workstation, we can author, test and maintain cookbooks
  • Chef Workstation also provides tools to test your cookbooks
  • Chef Workstation is packaged with tools such as
    • Chef infra client
    • Chef InSpec
    • Test Kitchen
    • Cook style
    • Command line tools:
      • Knife
      • Chef


  • A node is any device- Physical, virtual, cloud, network device etc.
  • On the nodes the chef-infra client software should be running and it should communicate with the chef server.
  • To make any linux/windows system as Chef node, we need to install and configure chef-client. This process of installing chef-client on a node is called as bootstrapping

Chef Workflow Practical View

  • Create an account in as we get the hosted chef server.
  • Download the starter kit. Preview
  • Download the chef workstation on your system Refer Here and install it

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