Azure Classroom Series 01/Mar/2020

Multi Network


  • Goal is to establish between two networks directly using private address
  • Combinations around this
    • Network A and Network B are Azure Vnets with in same region
    • Network A and Network B are Azure Vnets with in different region
    • Network A is Azure VNet and Network B is onpremise Preview
  • This is general solution to connect two private networks (Site-to-Site VPN)

Possibilities with Azure

  • Network A and B in Azure

    • Vnet Peering
    • Vnet to VNet
  • Network A in Azure and other on-premise

    • Azure Site-to-Site VPN
      • Medium is mostly internet
      • Organization has a choice of Express Route
  • One device (any network with Internet) to Network A in Azure

    • Azure Point-to-Site VPN
  • In Azure to host Gateways, a subnet called as Gateway subnet is created.

Site to site VPNS

Vnet Peering


  • Exercise create a vnet peering as to allow communication b/w two vms using private ips

  • Refer Here for implementation details

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