AWS Classroomnotes 02/Jan/2023

Installing SQL Server on Windows Server

  • We were unable to access due to ip configuration Refer Here to fix the problem.

    • Enable TCP/IP
    • In Properties of TCP/IP
      • IPALL: Enter 1433 as the tcp port
  • Now we have source endpoint working
  • Now lets start the migration
  • Migration has 3 major options

    • Migrate data:
      • used for one time migration
    • Migrate data and replicate ongoing changes
      • used for incremental migration
    • replicate data:
      • Used to manually trigger replication for the databases where the data is migrated but sync is to be done
  • Verification Approach

    • Basic: Check counts of records
    • recommended approach: Execute tests on the application which relies on data migrated.

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