DevOps Classroom Series – 22/Nov/2020

K8s Volume Snapshots & Clones

  • K8s Volumesnapshot represents the snapshot of volume on storage system.
  • Source can be specified as PVC Refer Here
  • CSI Volume Cloning feature add support for existing PVCs to clone the volume. Refer Here

K8s Controller – StatefulSet

  • Stateful sets are used to stateful replicas Refer Here Preview

K8s Controller – DaemonSet

  • Daemonsets are used to manage creation of a Particular Pod on all or selected nodes in k8s cluster
  • Usecases:
    • Logging agent
    • Montioring agent Preview
  • Apply the spec Refer Here Preview

K8S Deployments

  • Deployment is a k8s object that acts as a wrapper around ReplicaSet and makes it easier to use. Preview
  • The major reason for Deployment is
    • it maintains the history of revisions (i.e. history of your application Deployments)
    • it makes it easy to roll back to previous revisions
    • it gives a way to do zero down time deployments
  • Deployment Strategy:
    • Rolling Update:
      • This give an option to deploy your application without having downtime
      • This gives maxUnavailable, maxSurge
    • Recreate:
      • This option kills all the running pods and recreates new pods Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for deployment commands
  • Now lets write a sample deployment Refer Here Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Follow the complete application creation in k8s Refer Here

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