Azure Classroomnotes 08/Mar/2023

Azure App Services Contd..

  • Azure App Service doesnot run in your virtual network, so to use the app service privately use endpoints Refer Here
  • Consider the following case, We have app service and which requires a database.
  • Deployment slots gives us an option to run various environments in the app service to cater to ci/cd pipelines
  • Troubleshooting app services
    • Logs, Monitoring are enabled
    • We can use development section to ssh and to use advanced tools
  • Azure App Service has metrics which enable us to track
    • Usage
    • Data In and Data Out
    • Http Response Status Code
  • Log Stream give live logs while you are using the application
  • Azure App Service for Standard and above service plans gives option to buy domains and supports adding custom domain name
  • Azure App Service can be scaled up and Scaled out.
  • Certficates can be added or use the defaul managed certifacte by microsoft

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